Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out of phrase...

Notable and quotable
  • The world and its dog
  • Don't we all my boy, don't we all - Colonel Neufeld
  • He was scaling the Himalayas before you were climbin' out of your crib, laddie - Corporal Miller
  • With the patience of one explaining electronics to an idiot child...
  • Leave thinking to those capable of such feats - Colonel Szendro
  • ...claimed that he was the emperor of Peru and ran solely by electricity...
  • I cant think of a one - Jughead Jones
  • Don't want to bury no hatchet, 'cept in his head! - William Brown
  • I'm so very 'umble - Uriah Heep
  • Some ill mannered lout has just walked over my grave
  • Where were you born, sir? Where were you brought up? You're a pig, sir! Do you realize you are a pig, sir?

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