Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is this thing called love?

As always, I will treat this question with an analytical method - I never trust the books or the poems until it syncs with my own experience. Most folks know jack (or jill) about the trivial day to day stuff, so why should I assume they know better about love?

My personal answer is that it's a feeling with the following symptoms :

  • You can't stop thinking of someone.
  • The thought of that person makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • You become vulnerable, placing your emotional well being upon their words or actions.
  • No matter how upset or angered you feel because of that person, you cannot ever be angered or upset at them.
  • You spend a huge number of "cycles" thinking of ways to make them happy or getting them closer to what they seek. The whole extra mile thing.
  • You know to what lengths you may go for them, and sometimes that surprises you.
  • You wake up nights, sit and just obsess over something they said, or wrote.
  • If it don't hurt (sometimes like crazy), it ain't love.
  • You wish, that whatever happens, they should never undergo the pain you do/did.

The only problem with this love thing, is that it's most likely to be asymmetrical....

One may believe that the one you love should love you back because "We're logically the best choice for each other." or one may believe that they should do so because -uh- "How can they not feel the relentless intense love of mine?".

But apparently it's not so simple...  (It's not so apparent to me, and it is simple to me, but well, I'm me!)

As far as I am concerned, love is a choice, a damn simple one, easier than doing twenty push ups (or even five).

Oh what a sticky web I wove, when I chose to feel this thing called love!

But it's damn well worth it...

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