Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Faiths fail

Today I try to put forth this chunk of words in a fashion that is not usual. In past days, I was part of discussions involving opinions, which had strong faith in particular ways of thinking. Upon much thought, I saw that all kinds of faiths purport an inclusion and blatant subsumption of contrary ways of thought, positing that any contrarian notions stand fully within bounds and limits of narrations that pupils of said faith talk of.

Two particular talks that I was part of : Both thrust a trait into my vision - Though dissimilar in conclusion, both had a common opinion... Arrant conviction (as an injunction) that no opposing notion could hold any validity.

This constant parroting of illogical talk has simply brought forth a wild nocturnal mumbling from yours truly, at ungodly hours of dawn.

Not much is still worth ranting of now! Linguistic ability flags....
I shall post this paragraph and catch forty winks until it is bright outdoors...

Sharp folks may spot that no word in what I said so far contains 'E'.

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