Sunday, December 23, 2012

global tea party #1

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So this local tea party fellow, he is everytime writing something so that ki people are saying - "what a post macha", or awesome and all. Some educated people are even using foreign words like "erudite" and "eloquent" or something.

Anyway, other day I thought, simply I will also write off like this fellow only, even that "anti local tea party" fellow is doing, so why I should not? Half of Bangalore people anyway are talking like this.

So, I am having one Nokia 1100 and before that 3220 phone... Many times I am thinking, "Arey yaar, I must get one smart phone", but never only I can actually.

See boss, when I was small, we had that black color ITI telephone - with finger, you had to rotate round and round, and if you dial 161 and keep it down, it will ring back at once "trrring trrring trring" and if you dial 162 and keep it down, after 5 seconds it will do "trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". How I found out you are asking? I saw one phone repair fellow do it and we asked him off, and he told that number.

After Ambani and all made Reliance CDMA phone, then only I got actual cellphone. Mostly some 5 to 6 people I call mainly in life, rest all rarely, once in awhile I am having SMS conversation to and fro with people.

Nowadays everyone has smart phone, minimum some 12000 they are costing, and everytime people are buying newer and newer models. One huge economy itself is there from appstore and all, and they are keeping some tasty names like Ice cream sandwich for god knows what. Everyone is sliding their finger on the screen again and again like that number puzzle we used to have in young age - only in that puzzle, there was an ending, when you got all the numbers 1 to 25 in order. In smart phone no ending only. Also these people are eating bajji and bonda, rubbing their hair and then again using this touch screen - It is looking like one greasy dosai-kallu from Shanti Sagar restaraunt only.
Now you may be thinking ki boss, this fellow is one waste, he doesn't like progress and all, so he is making a fuss, but I am also one geek only and I know ki what amazing technology is in iPhone etc.
But think also, for two minutes only people are not able to leave this phone - When jogging also measuring speed, when travelling also using GPS, when going to bathroom also some are using. Some are even using when sleeping, to measure snores it seems.

In younger days, I was going off on 100s of kilometers journey with no chance of contacting home anywhere in between... If bus had fallen down the mountain also, family would have come to know only after many days.But nowadays, when walking the dog also I am keeping cellphone with me - thinking ki, "Who knows! Always better to have one phone.."
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  1. Moar blogging pls! Your erudite humor is a beacon of hope in a sea of banality.

    1. Thankee, Dear Sir.
      I am taking this comments to very close of my heart :D