Sunday, December 23, 2012

global tea party #2

This is one of my many facebook notes that I am going to copy into this blog, with suitably anonymized comments...
I wrote the following in the wake of the reactionary posts that people made on twitter and facebook after the really horrible Delhi gang rape incident of December 2012 (The bangalore-speak style is intentional)

All of you guys, waste buggers only... 
First of all scaredy cats, you will be scared of black cat crossing your path. You will be scared of exams, whole year you will do masti, on exam day only suddenly start praying off. You will be scared of parents, can't dare to smoke or drink or get stoned without hiding from parents. Internet history also you will delete off.

Full year you will stand near college gate and say "this figure, that figure", you will put marks, refer to girls as "maal". In films you will die for item number, whistle for Sheila and Munni, make "fraanship" on internet. You will join "AXE angels" group on facebook and like all the posts. Every sunday you will party, get drunk and discuss "isko pataunga, usko pataunga" ( or "ivalai correct pannren, avalai correct pannren" ).

Every third word you will say MC and BC and BKL and DK Bose and what not. 99% of girls on dating sites you will chase away with your country/kantri approach.

Then one day, you will hear in NEWS about something like the the awful incident in Delhi and suddenly you will start thumping chest like Tarzan -  "Like this we should beat the molestors, like that we should torture the rapists". For you greatest grief is that your friend can afford iPhone 5 and you can't because his parents are more misled than yours, but you will act off as if you really know anything about pain or suffering.

You will do nothing to change your sorry views and attitude on women, but as soon as one scapegoat was found, who is the extreme end result of your mindset, you will demand his blood and support capital punishment, support torture - If you wan't to talk like that, go live in some Taliban country where they condone this sort of eye for an eye stupidity. You will start saying how great in Saudi Arabia where they cut off peoples heads or hands for punishment - go die there only.

You got offended only after this all happened and now you are talking about iron rods and stuff? Daily so many thousands got offended by idiots like you, who only respond with hate to anything. Luckily all those did not take up any swords.You guys are the real scary people, you look and act literate online, but in your mind you are very backward- If some random guru or politician says something, he can hypnotise people like you into beating and oppressing other people. You think just because you are on a scale of 2 out of 10 in disrespecting women, you are better than the rapists who are 10/10 and can judge and be smug.

You guys are the type of people who write that America deserved the school shooting. Hateful scum.

If you really had concern for suffering and pain of others, long ago you would have become vegetarian, stopped drinking Coke and Pepsi, stopped buying Apple products and fireworks from Sivakasi. You wouldn't sit there with your 30000 Rs dumbphone and haggle for 20 rupees with a barely surviving auto rickshaw driver. Bullshit people you are.

Go do your work, be more respectful of women and keep your trap shut. Your violent words are worth less than your IQ (~0) 

Summa don't be off one "akil ka bakil" (free lawyer for everyone).

Let those who really can do something do it, don't pollute their effort with your medieval crappy reactionary violent mindset.  


N B :
Well written.

That being said, let me be quick to point out that while I'm no fan of the KSA and it's views (as you might be aware), I'm actually in favour of extremely stringent punishment that sets an example for would-be perpetrators of such crimes. In the outrage following what happened to that girl, we seem to be forgetting the umpteen cases of girls as little as three years and six years of age being raped; they barely get a column or two in the papers. 

Girls so young can't go identifying perpetrators, nor can they be expected to go learning and displaying martial skills (!) to protect themselves. If a change has to be brought about, it has to be at a societal level; inculcation of values, respect for women and children. This will take a generation or two.

Human nature being what it is, it has to be done via both education as well as with the fear of a punishment so dreadful that it makes one think ten times before committing such heinous crimes. Exemplified by Sun Tzu executing the two favourite concubines of the king who refused to follow orders; after that everybody fell in line.

No, I'm certainly not Talibanesque. Yes, I am vegetarian. And I respect women. For the record.

Me :
I think the bigger disease here is violence, rather than anything else - If a man is comfortable hitting another living being, any small deviant behavior becomes a full scale crime. The only difference between a loser and a rapist is that a loser is not violent enough to force himself upon a woman, the only difference between a frustrated youth and a killer is that an average frustrated youth has not the violence to pick up a semi-automatic weapon.

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