Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've usually written for others to read, but this one is going to be obscure and vague.

So it's paid off this eve, and what they said was wasn't true - It ain't rocket science! How on earth could I have ever thought it was?

I ought to start realizin' that things are as easy as pie for me when I actually try it. All that scaremongering is for the breakfast flock. They can't fly high or dive deep into anything, so they believe everything's non-trivial.... Almost had me convinced of it! Oh the humanity!

Anyway now that I know I am master of all I attempt, I'll attempt masterfully - Gonna get do'n all that gotta get done. Long list, but ticking off like crazy.

I'm going to remind me of those times (and how many there are) when I said "I told you so" metaphorically to the world. I'm like Ric Flair when it comes to the battle against life and if I can't win by submission, a thumb in the eye will do nicely. Woooooo!

So by the power of grayskull ( or any other skull ) I DO have the power.


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