Monday, November 29, 2010

Story #2 : Adding insult to injury

"Major Banks! It is merely out of courtesy that you are allowed to be in this room now.. Please abstain from abusing that privilege with your inane remarks!" - General Cassidy spoke tonelessly and softly, but Banks was reduced to a quivering mass at these words.

"Oh! ignore the young whippersnapper, Bill... Let's look at how we can get out of this dire situation" - General Walters, in a blustery voice through his thick mustache.

"It is dire, Sir! Four of our men were taken out as they attempted to cross over to the enemies side. They were all sacrificed, and for what? We're still surrounded and we have not an inch of leeway to move in any direction" - Colonel Carruthers looked more like a pharmacist than a military man, Balding and slim, with wire-rimmed glasses and a toothbrush mustache. He had a perpetual expression of worry on his face.

Cassidy, almost mournfully - "I see no hope at all. We have only one option."

The three of them looked at each other, and then across the table at Captain Sergeyev, who remained inscrutable. 

He had built up an immense reputation over the years, so much so, that much higher ranking officers looked up to him as a keen strategist. Perhaps it was about his Russian roots and accent.

"Gentlemen! You have decided? Surrender is the only option, you feel?" - Sergeyev, very gravely.

Carruthers leaned over and whispered into General Cassidy's ear. The generals expression turned into one of visible pain. Walters was massaging his forehead, he seemed to have developed a headache.

"Yes, Nicolai... " - It seemed like Carruthers perpetual worry was justified.

"So, gentlemen! That's the third game that you have resigned! That will be three hundred dollars!" - Nicolai, with a wide grin.

They paid up in silence and continued to stare at the board.
Nicolai started towards the door, and suddenly stopped,  and turned back, still grinning. He approached the table, and picked up a knight from the generals side and placed it down again.


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