Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So here I am

Many a time I intended to blog, but never did it consistently - Shame, because I've a lot to say and what I've said is scattered all over in obscure unseen corners of the web.

In some ways my user name reflects who I am - "rep movsd" is a mnemonic representing an instruction that tells a microprocessor to shift a chunk of data from one place in memory to another. So that's kind of what I do, I (try to) shift information and knowledge and ideas across myself and people...

Now on to rambling and mumbling...

It's something strange that this year seemed to fly away really really fast. The past three months have been excruciatingly drawn out (I know why) , but the time before that seems to have flown. Time's a tricky thing, especially psychological time.

Convention! My pet peeve!

Yesterday, me and my bro were talking about some stuff related to vehicle top speeds and over the course of the discussion we realized that certain oft-repeated theories are actually totally wrong. It's just that they've been repeated so often by certain individuals of good standing that they have turned into gospel and no one questions them. For goodness sake though, it's not rocket science - Just simple physics. Question, I say! Question!

Debate and discussion is something I do a lot...
"The point is - " said Powell, with the patience of one explaining electronics to an idiot child... - Catch that Rabbit, Asimov

Often one needs to have "Powellian" patience to debate, but despite that some folks will debate like a toddler playing chess - At some point they ignore the rules and demand to be able to move the pieces any which way they want!
Give me a big enough syllogism, and I will prove the Earth! - Archimedes(remixed)

So it's a losing battle and I'm thinking maybe it's easier to debate on Facebook notes, where people will be articulate before they post, and the host of people reading that will pounce on any illogical viewpoint like a

Mumbling on...

Haven't worked out in a while - Since classes started, my "Convict conditioning" workouts have become quite infrequent, and there's been a lot of roamin' around, messing with the bike and stuff. Got to get back on the horse ASAP!

Anything that don't kill me makes me stronger - ergo something that makes me stronger makes me not die?

Affirming the consequent - ERROR!

More later...

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