Saturday, November 20, 2010


  • 2 minutes 48 seconds into a 3 minute plank.
  • The last 20 meters of a 10 km run.
  • The 34th push up.

You know the feeling - when it's almost done but not quite and the will aches more than the body.I'm no stranger to dealing with it! But there's another feeling, like when there's a stone in your shoe... You know it's simplest to take off the shoe, but sometimes the shoe is on another (persons) foot - mixing metaphors here - make of it what you can.

Sometimes things seem crystal clear and obvious, but only to me... And yet will be seen as trivial if described, until others discover them on their own. It's true - Everything is trivial in hindsight, and I carry that air of "This is trivial" into foresight too. A dangerous way to think perhaps, but hey, don't knock it till you've tried it. But some trivial things still seem hard in any "sight".

Complexity is my fetish, In my own way I believe I have simplified the way I am, but as if to compensate, I seek out complicated thoughts and situations. Life on Earth has a lot of artificial complexity, I want to discard the preconceived complexities and install my own. Whatever mess there is, it's my own mess inside my own head.

I realized I've always had Plan B (and C thru Z sometimes)! Consciously not often, but Plan A and B go parallely somehow and when A drops out, it's as if B were the main plan anyway. Gives the illusion that everything is going according to plan!

Meanwhile, we all know that faith can be the most strongest motivator, but also (obviously) - that it's the strength of faith, and not quite the "faithed" object, that makes things seem to happen. I'm "faithin'" away like nuts, but is the happening "thered" yet? (Verbing cools language...)

What's this thing about vision? I saw an ad on a hoarding (for eye donations):
  • I can hear what you hear..
  • I can feel what you feel...
  • I can taste what you taste....
  • I can smell what you smell.....
  • But I can't see what you see!

Funny innit? Vision needs a very finely oriented context in space, and not so easy to get anothers "viewpoint" so easily. That's why viewpoints are called that, very few share them!

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