Monday, November 22, 2010

Short story #1

"I'm at my wits end here! I'm at the point where giving up on him seems like the easiest option..." said Sarah.

"No!" exclaimed Molly with her characteristic squeal... "Don't say that!! After all you've told me about him, all those fancy moves he knows, how could the situation be so awful?? Besides, you're forgetting that I haven't met him yet!!"

"Well, you are right..." agreed Sarah. "You know, 'perfect' was an adjective I've used to describe him often, but...".

"You mean like physically?" Molly interjected, with a giggle.

"There is that... " said Sarah thoughtfully, "those strong ankles of his... that broad back... the heights he takes me to...". She seemed to drift off, dreamy-eyed, and suddenly snapped back "Never mind that! That's not the point!".

Molly was grinning...

Sarah went on - "Anyway perfect or not,  he just won't make that final leap that I want him to! I've cajoled, bribed, scolded, even thrown a tantrum, but he just won't budge after a point. Stubborn as a mule! I've always known that he's taken after his mother. It would mean so much for my career and future, and he knows that for sure, but he won't do it!!".
Molly, impatiently - "OK, All right, I've heard all this from you all day, let's go meet him already. I've never ever met a stud like him, if what you've told me about him is true!! You know, those big soulful eyes,  how effortlessly he carries you, strong yet gentle..."

Now it was Molly getting all starry eyed. Sarah made a face at her - "Let's go!".

They walked across the grassy meadow, towards him. He was standing by a tree, quietly, as if lost in thought. At the sight of the two girls, he started a bit nervously and ambled towards them, with his brisk powerful gait.

"Well my mind is made up! It won't be him." said Sarah as he came up and stood beside them, "There's no way he's making first place this time, at the annual county equestrian show! He won't jump that final hurdle, and I can't make him. That's that!".

"Oh well there's always next year!" said Molly brightly, fishing out a large turnip from her bag, which he rapidly disposed off with his powerful bite.

"I suppose so..." conceded Sarah.

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