Tuesday, December 21, 2010

F*** humility

I'm just going to indulge my ego this post, (been letting it get atrophied lately) and list out all the things that I have done and some that I can do well. Goes without saying that Naren's list will overlap a lot with this... and exceed probably.

  • Shod a horse
  • Rode a horse bareback
  • Split Shale
  • Dressed stones
  • Felled trees, split wood
  • Sawed lumber by hand
  • Carried loads (Ask how heavy!)
  • Managed cows
  • Forded streams
  • Climbed trees (Think 50 feet+ above ground, with hatchet in hand, lopping leaves)
  • Blacksmith-ed
  • Cast concrete
  • Moved earth by hand
  • Plumbed water and sewage pipes, wired electrics
  • Built houses and wooden decks
  • Farmed vegetables
  • Run an ox plow
  • Got rid of decomposing ____  (don't ask what!)
  • Eaten cold
  • Worked wood
  • Worked metal
  • Worked rock
  • Cut grass on impossibly steep deadly slopes
  • Doused fires (big ones!)
  • Slept on a railway platform
  • Cared for someone sick, 24/7
  • Never broke
  • Crushed fear
  • Tamed anger
  • Found answers

This was all then... 

Since that time... done much more, but I'll skip it now, my ego has inflated to the recommended 999 PSI...

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