Thursday, December 2, 2010

Master Lock

"No, I'm not hurt!.... I..."  - animated chatter from the other end of the phone.

"I didn't see anyone, but the lock was broken, I was aslee..." he interjected, to be cut off again.

"No, the paintings are safe, nothing was taken..." - more high pitched sounds from the receiver.

"Of course I'm sure! It's my apartment isn't it!!" - He banged down the receiver with disgust to have it ring again. The conversation continued along similar lines...

The building super, Mr. Wells, was looking at him with an amused expression on his face...

The short policeman cleared his throat and began - "Now then, let's go over this 'ere statement again! You said the main doors to the building were locked in the morning?"

"Yes.. it's electronic, you need the pass code to enter."

"So this 'ere burglar..."

Wells cut him off - "We don't know that he is a burglar, nothing was taken."

"Of course he was a burglar! Breaking and entering Mr Wells! Even if he didn't enter!! Now don't you be a-debating with a proper lawman like me. Plenty of 'em years I got, under this 'ere belt."

"And a lot more than that too, under that 'there' belt" - Wells thought...

"So bloke breaks the lock - and scoots off without taking anything... Here's what I say, he must have thought he had been heard, and took off!"

"I suppose so..." said Wells a bit wearily.

"Anyway, he knew the code, stands to reason it's an inside job!" - glaring suspiciously at Wells - "I'm off to the station now, I'll be seein' you again for inquiries!"
With an air of importance, the constable left.

Mr Marks was done with the interrogation over telephone. He came over to the hallway and said to Wells - "You think the thief will strike again?"

Wells was staring at the lock and seemed to ignore him.
"I see here you have the MisterLock 2000 bolt here" he said, rubbing his chin - "It's as easy as ABC to pick. I used to be a locksmith once" - he grinned.

"Tell you what, I'll send one of my old friends to fix this before nightfall, I'd advise you to listen to his recommendations - It may cost you pretty penny, but the thief will be thwarted if he returns. I'm off now."

Marks nodded - "Anything you say - Mr. Wells! See you around."

As Wells climbed down the stairs, he thought of his friend Bob and their days working together as locksmiths - Bob had never left the business, but he wasn't doing so well these days.

Inspector Moore was tired. He threw down the files on his desk with a slap.

The case was going nowhere...

Inspector Saunders strolled towards him - "Hi, old man! Looks like the cat dragged you in!"

"This case has got me beat... There's been a series of break-ins at the Holly-Oak apartment building, nothing ever stolen by the thief. No suspicious folks seen by any one around. Seven break-ins over the past three months"

Saunders frowned - "Means of break-in?"

"Very clean and professional, no damage or noise at all. Besides, the main doors are locked after six in the evening and residents can enter only after they enter a code into the door. All electronic thingamajigs, not possible to tamper with. Has to be an inside job."

"Did you run prints?"

"Of course, but we found no prints on any of the doors except those of the residents'."

"Well, if nothing was stolen, then it really doesn't matter - eh? Looks like the thief isn't really interested in stealing anything."

"I'm sick of it anyway, I'm leaving now! Case closed!" - He picked up the bunch of files and dumped them with relief into the bottom drawer of his desk.

Wells was whistling, as he pinned a notice in the lobby :

In view of the recent break-ins, the apartment council has decided that all residents shall replace their door locks by the fifteenth of the December. Please contact Mr Robert Smith of the W&S Lock works who is the approved contractor for this job, to schedule a time for replacement. Payments will be handled by the building super, Mr. Wells.

Wells figured in his head - 60 apartments at 100 pounds a piece - Wells chuckled. There wouldn't be any more break-ins needed.
A really nice Christmas present for Bob.

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  1. Its a nice'twist in a tale" kinda story...needs a little editing on the tenses and language...and I personally feel, you could delve more on the mystery.I also liek to write these kinda stories,just dont get around to for whatever reason..