Monday, December 6, 2010

Teeth on edge

There's a sensation, the kind you have when the lift begins it's downward journey, a curious feeling in the pit of the stomach. Sometimes it happens when I program, as some nifty piece of code falls into place as if I were a wizard and the code was my spell. Sometimes as I bank heavily or brake hard, down-shifting, while riding my motorbike.

Sometimes, this feeling comes for another deeper reason, it goes on forever, does not quite die down... It's like you have an itch that you can't scratch, A sense of urgency, but the necessity to wait. As if the person you were waiting to meet desperately got delayed by an hour. Like some other experiences in life that are not mentionable.
An electric buzz all over - sitting, standing or walking makes no difference. The impossibility of calming down. Banging the head on the wall doesn't work (trust me). Banging someone elses head, I've yet to attempt.

No use fighting it....

And though you fight to stay sane, your mind starts to quiver, for no living mortal can resist the lure of  the... Michael Jackson's Thriller (amended)

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