Monday, December 6, 2010

More is better

After millions of years of evolution of the brain, the world we perceive is much different subjectively, from the time when we lived in the savannah.

We now live in a world of concepts and makeshift semantics given to insignificant things. The cerebrum has found more complicated motivations and self-rewards for abstract connotations. We feel happy or sad because of some sounds uttered, simply because we choose its meaning. We go even further and make ourselves happy or sad based on our assessment of what people think, rather than say.

We go into the meta-questions and the meta-meta and so on. The brain thrives on building a meaning, a mirage...

But this is a cynical viewpoint. After all whether we like it or not, ones subjective reality is all that one can depend on, so whatever meaning we manufacture, it does exist. So make meaning a-plenty!!!

All this complexity leads to complex states in the brain - boredom, angst, love etc. etc.
Have you ever seen a bored cow? There is no such animal! The much touted "simple life" is pastoral - literally - in other words live like a cow.

But the fact is having more diverse states in the brain leads to a richer experience. More is better. If you want to simplify, then go ahead and slip into a coma! That's the perfect simplicity....

A friend of mine was sayin' the other day after listening to a speech by the Dalai Lama, about how duality is misrepresented.
For e.g. happiness and sadness are not opposites. Unlike physical attributes say heat and cold which are dual, emotions are not dual. You can have any combination of sadness and happiness, the intensity only limited by the refinement of your being. By which I mean, having a brain that needs the subtlest stimulus to feel intensely. Kind of like Brandon Fraser's first avatar in "Bedazzled" as the super-sensitive guy - who sings an ode to the dolphin: 
Swimming by the sandy shore, dancing up among the waves, dolphin, dolphin I adore everything you are. You're so much more than a fish to me, my playful friend beneath the sea. Eee ee eee ee ee ee ee e eee

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